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Play free chess

Yes, Chess cube is free! Play chess with opponents from all over the world.

Live tournaments
We host around 400+ tournaments daily. Games ranges from bullet chess to normal chess. Instant pairings and results. Earn real cash by winning tournaments!

A social community
It is a social community. Chat with an opponent while you play. Hang out in public rooms and share a light moment. There are specific rooms for each country and make friends with them.

Learn with videos
We host many video materials as learning resources. Learn from videos from experts. Video tutorials are easier to comprehend and understand.

Monthly memberships
Buy a VIP membership today and you can unleash a host of new feaures. Have your played games analyzed by experts and let them review it. Let them change your playing habits.

    Chesscube Chess

    Live Tournaments

    • Warzone Chess
    • Play in real-time
    • 24/7 Schedule
    • 400+ Live Tournaments daily
    • Instant pairings and results
    • Sit & Go, scheduled or series
    Learn more about the features of ChessCube and live tournaments in ChessCube.