Live Tournaments

Warzone Chess
This is a special tournament available only in chess Cube. Check it out today.

Play in real-time
We use flash technology and it is in real-time! We automatically detects connection settings and connection speed by pinging. As such, play is smooth and you will never experience a delay.

24/7 Schedule
Chess tournaments are available 24 hours on all days. As it is controlled by our server itself and there is no human intervention, online tournaments are available 24/7.

400+ Live Tournaments daily
Yeah, that is right. We host more than 400 tournaments online a day. Game ranges from bullet chess to normal chess.

Instant pairings and results
Pairings are done with other players instantly by the server and there is no lag to start a tournament. The moment, a round is complete and all games are played, players are paired with new opponent instantly.

Sit & Go, scheduled or series
This is another feature in our Live Tournaments. Check it out today.